DAHAB / Jane Štravs
ArtZine Edition
Text: Marina Gržinić
Published by: House of Photography, Novo Mesto, 2013

32 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm

Visual Creativity Awards 2009
Text: Vladimir P. Štefanec
Published by: Trend, Ljubljana, 2009

18 pages, 30 x 40cm

American Express
Text: Marina Gržinić
Published by: Gallery G14, Bled, 2009

36 pages, 30 x 40cm

Text: Marina Gržinić and Walter Seidl
Published by: Gigodesign, Ljubljana, 2009

44 pages, 22 x 28cm

Not Quite/Not Right
Text: Marina Gržinić
Published by: House of Photography, Slovenia, 2006

48 pages, 18 x 22cm

Gallery SZI, Vienna, 2006
Text: Marina Gržinć and Walter Seidl
Published by: Cliché, Ljubljana, 2006

36 pages, 23 x 28cm, ISBN: 961-238-642-0

Jane Štravs: Photographic Incarnations
Essays by: Marina Gržinić and W. J. T. Mitchell
Published by: ZRC SAZU - [Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts], Ljubljana, Slovenia 2003

140 pages, 25 x 29 cm, ISBN 961-6358-94-4.

Štravs’ opus of work is a trajectory of photographic images in an arc of time connecting two historical periods, both about to disappear : the period of 1980s socialism and the transitional,post- socialist period of independent Slovenia, after the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It is a powerful insight into the Ljubljana underground, into its transsexual stances, ruined bodies and heroic postures.

Marina Gržinić

Štravs’ images are citings as much as they are sightings. They veer between the serious and the frivolous, and they manage to send up both, ironizing both the dark and the light side of revolution, while releasing an uncontrollable beauty. The question they pose, then, is not what is to be done, but what is to be worn.

W.J.T. Mitchell

Jane Štravs
Text: Marina Gržinić
Published by: Modern Gallery, Ljubljana,1993

44 pages, 24 x 30cm